Pastry Chef Tip #6 ~ All silicone pans are NOT created equal!

If you want the unrivaled performance of a Maserati, the long forgotten name of "Yugo" won't even cross your lips.  Baking is expensive and time-consuming, so do you want to gamble on silicone pans and whether your desserts will release in tact or not?  (I know the little hearts are very cute.)


I will NEVER be one of those chefs that acts like everything works perfect every single time I step into the kitchen.  Pastry school teaches you the skill, technique, execution, and more, but things still will go horribly wrong in the kitchen.  Last week, my oven mitt got too close to the heating element in the oven and suddenly there were flames.   Thankfully, I still have all my fingers, no burns, and it didn't trigger the fire alarm. 

Now onto my story...

Will you look at what happened to my beautiful little Pumpkin Cookies with Milk Chocolate chips?!  I almost cried!  As always, I ground fresh cloves, ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon!  All those amazing spices essential were wasted!  These pans are NO WHERE near the 2,500 expected uses I talked about in my first blog post.  However, there's a HUGE difference in brands/quality. 

Silicone is non-stick.  You shouldn't have to spray or grease it.  This isn't the first time things have stuck using this brand of pans, but I always think, "I just try them ONE MORE TIME!  Those little hearts are sooooo cute!"  I even took out some "insurance" and sprayed the cavities with non-stick spray!  Ugh, 90% of precious little cookies still burnt, broke, or stuck in the pan!  I had to put the pans in the freezer to peel the rest of the cookies out of the heart cavities.

So what is the moral of my story?  Read the reviews online ~ "the other" silicone pans are NOT the same as Demarle (Maserati) made in France or Martellato (Maserati) made Italy or other high-grade silicone brands.  So which ones are the Yugo in my analogy???  I didn't state the brand, but I didn't mask it in the pictures either.  When only a couple dozen of 9.5 dozen cookies were salvageable, that isn't reliable performance at all.  

BTW, after I salvaged my broken or frozen cookies...I FINALLY tossed the pans in the garbage and will stick to my Maserati pans!  

Decadently yours,

Chef Maria






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