Pastry Chef Tip #4 ~ Dry and liquid measuring cups? Why do I need both?

Many people use one type of measuring cup for everything, but did you know there two different types:  Dry measuring cups vs. liquid measuring cups

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Remember, baking is all about precision, accuracy and control.  You can easily spoon the flour, sugar, etc. into a dry measuring cup and level it off.  If you use a liquid measuring cup, you're guessing where that same ingredient falls between the lines on the glass, leveling it off is out, and the spout throws off the measurement as well. 

Now try to measure liquids in the dry measuring cup and bad things tend to happen.  On your trek to the mixing bowl, the majority of the liquid will end up all over the counter, floor, the anti-fatigue mat, your shoes, etc.  Then how much is really left that is going into the mixing bowl?

Use the right tool for the task and you'll be much happier with the results. 

Decadently yours,

Chef Maria

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