Pastry Chef Tip #11 ~ Ohhh, so you were in the kitchen?!!!

Does the sight of your kitchen broadcast the story of your "efforts" long before your finished product ever graces the spotlight?


There's nothing worse than spending hours in the kitchen only to glance back at a sea of dirty tools, dishes, etc. cluttering every square inch of counter-space.  Here's how to avoid that disturbing glance:

  1. Start with a clean kitchen ~ counters, tools, dishes, etc.  
  2. Throw away all the expired or "unusually fragrant" items in your refrigerator.  You'll need the space to store whatever you are baking!  (You don't want your treasure to absorb any "unpleasant aromas.") 
  3. Make sure the dishwasher is empty and load your dirty dishes and tools as you finish with them.
  4. Prefer to hand wash?  Fill up one sink with clean soapy dish water and use the other sink to rinse clean dishes.  Then use the EMPTY dishwasher to put clean dishes in to dry so your rinse sink stays clear.
  5. Work clean.  Once you use something put it up or get it out of your way.

Decadently yours,

Chef Maria


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