Pastry Chef Tip #14 ~ Scoop it!

Everyone has their favorite cookie scoop, but did you realize there's a number INSIDE on the spring-loaded arm of the scoop?


What's the significance of the number and how will it revolutionize your baking?

  1. The LARGER the number the smaller the scoop.  (#100 is smaller than a #20)
  2. Scoops can be used for cookie dough, cupcakes, cheesecake, muffins, ice cream, truffles, etc.  ANYTHING that requires uniformity of size.  
  3. Professional grade scoopers used in commercial kitchens are color-coded by size to make grabbing the right one foolproof. 
  4. Using a scoop will ensure consistency in size of your product.  Various sized products will require different baking times.  (That's frustrating if they are all on the same pan, sheet or mold.)
  5. There are MANY different sizes, but you find your favorites.  (I have 5 different sizes.)
  6. #20 scoop is the most common for cupcakes, muffins, and cakelettes

Decadently yours,

Chef Maria