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Please call us at (704) 777-6946 or email to place an order or for a custom quote.  

  • We bake to order, so please allow 3 business days for orders.  
  • $30 minimum order.  Minimum quantities per item may also apply.  
  • FREE local pickup available.
  • Delivery charge will be calculated based on the delivery address.


We've discovered the word "catering" means something different to each client.  Which option fits your event best?:  

  • Option #1 ~  Applicable desserts are cut in half, placed in paper wrappers, and arranged on a disposable catering tray with a clear locking lid.  (Prices start at $1.75 per dessert .)  $30 minimum order. 
  • Option #2 ~ Desserts are full-size and in standard bakery box packaging.  Simply unpack the desserts onto your platters. (Prices start at $2.25 per dessert.)  $30 minimum order.
  • Option #3 ~ We provide a fabric tablecloth, utensils, paper products, etc., desserts, table decorations, delivery and setup.  $100 minimum order.  (Ask about our disposable/paper products alternative for this option.) 

Please use our contact us form to request our full Catering Menu or for a custom quote. 


Our Decadent Desserts

Mini 2 oz Dessert Cups

We have a variety of desserts that can be presented in mini 2 oz desserts cups with a mini spoon.  Ideal for catering, entertaining or events.

Flourless Chocolate Almond Cake - GF

A cross between a fudgy brownie and a rich chocolate cake with a hint of coffee flavoring.  Naturally gluten-free courtesy of almond flour. 

Lemon Bars

A flakey shortbread crust serves as the perfect foundation for a luscious lemon filling.  The lemon filling bursts with a tangy tartness that will beckon you to take another bite.  The bars are lightly dusted with powdered sugar. 

Peanut Butter Explosion Bars - GF

An ultra-rich blend of butter, almond flour, semisweet chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, milk chocolate chips, unsweetened coconut, walnuts, and sweetened condensed milk.

Classic French Madeleines*

A traditional French shell-shaped sponge cake eaten like a cookie dusted with powdered sugar.  

Meringue Delights*- GF

A cookie consisting of well-beaten egg whites and sugar, baked until crisp.

Mini French Cream Puffs*

A profiterole, cream puff, or choux à la crème is a filled French choux pastry ball with a choice of sweet fillings.


  • Hummingbird Cakelettes with Vanilla Buttercream
    A banana-pineapple, toasted pecan cinnamon spice cake adorned with decadent Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean infused buttercream.
  • Red Velvet Cakelettes with Vanilla Buttercream
  • Spiced Pumpkin Cakelettes with Vanilla Buttercream

Double Chocolate Brownie Bites - GF*

A moist, decadent, gluten-free brownie made with King Arthur gluten-free flour and semisweet chocolate chips. 


Decadence Cheesecake-lette ~ Philadelphia cream cheese dances with white chocolate, milk chocolate Heath toffee, Kraft caramel bits, Oreo crust. 

White chocolate raspberry ~ Philadelphia cream cheese married with white chocolate, red raspberries, Oreo crust.


Note:  *We will introduce new flavors of this dessert periodically!


~New desserts will be showcased at our

pop-up events.~