Beyond Decadence ~ Lake Norman

"We Deliver to Your Desk"


Chef Maria C. Kemp, skillfully handcrafts each dessert from scratch using only the finest REAL ingredients. She was professionally trained at the prestigious French Pastry School in Chicago, IL. Her attention to detail and passion will be evident with every bite.  Your tastebuds will be tantalized, senses awakened, and expectations exceeded by desserts that are unmistakably beyond decadent.

Chef Maria was interviewed by the The Herald Weekly to share the new concept of a mobile/pop-up bakery in Lake Norman, invited to talk about the benefit of being a member of the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce, featured in On the Move by Helen Adams Realty, and a 2018 member of the Executive Women of Lake Norman.   


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   We deliver to your desk ...   Beyond Decadence is Lake Norman's first mobile/pop bakery.


We deliver to your desk...

We are a dessert caterer + Lake Norman's first 100% mobile/pop-up bakery.  Follow us on social media for all our of public pop-up events.  We bake our decadent American, French, gluten-free and (limited) gluten-free vegan desserts in our certified home kitchen then deliver them directly to you.