Every now and then...

Every now and then...

I had every intention of sitting down Sunday and writing the weekly blog post, but at this point (Thursday evening) I don't even recall what was vying for my undivided attention instead.  

I often wonder what my readers expect when they open up my latest blog post.  Are they looking to get to know me better as a person, humor, a new recipe/tip/technique, or "I'm just here for the latest menu item"?

Well I'm just going to roll with what's being going on and coming up.  So get your favorite adult beverage, relax and find the levity in my words. 

In most of my social media posts, I uses pronouns like, "we, us, she" etc.  But in reality, many of you know that I am Beyond Decadence.  There are NOT any food suppliers pulling up to my back door delivering my weekly ingredients, there's no staff to dedicate to specific aspects of the business, a dedicated shipping department, social media expert, admin person, customer service, or Shopify expert, delivery driver, order drop-off driver, webmaster, or volume discounts from suppliers, etc.  It all begins and end with me and a plethora of trips, errands and tasks.  Welcome to entrepreneurship or solopreneurship as it often called!  It won't stay that way forever, but it's not time to farm out or hire just yet.

God has obviously blessed me with an abundant amount of energy, stamina, focus, dedication and technical skills.  As I mentioned previously, I can get an incredible amount of work done 95% of the time without any nudging, encouragement or even music on in the background.  I simply make a list of what needs to be done and chip away at it bit-by-bit.  But last week, I set aside donning my standard baking ensemble and got dressed up to attend the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce - Diversity Council Woman's Conference at The Peninsula Club.  The title was "Renew Your Mind, Body and Spirit".  

You know usually when you go to conference there's always at least one speaker that is a dud?!  Well not this time!  Every single one of the ladies and one brave man that took to the podium were AH-mazing!  They each focused on a different aspects, but the bottom line was self-care, living in your "why", health, avoiding burn out, and the importance of rest. 

After having what has felt like the most stressful July and August ever, I decided to heed the conference's message and take the month of September off to recharge, rest, and plan for the holiday season.  This year has been filled with some unimaginable blessings for which I thank God for every single day.  My mind is continually blown every day that I am now cultivating relationships to do business with Fortune 50 and Fortune 100 companies.  ME, a pastry chef originally from a blimp on the map town in Central IL articulating my value with confidence, poise, knowledge and a proven track record with billion dollar (with a B y'all) corporations.  Nothing BUT God!

I can't wait to share with you the latest things that are unfolding, but I haven't been given the green light just yet.  I'm excited about what the future holds, but regardless I'll still be the same lady when given a choice puts on her favorite smiley face shorts, my jazzy hat, and loves bright colors that nearly sear your eye balls. 

The final day to order before my break is Wednesday, August 18.  UPS orders will ship Monday 8/23 - Wednesday 8/25.  Free Pita Pit pickup days will be Tuesday, 8/24 and Thursday 8/26.  I'll still be "around" on social media during my break, but just not baking until October 1.  I did add the Spiced Pumpkin Cake back on the menu since it's officially fall now, right, kinda....not really???!

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