Our "why"? Because conventional diversity training is BORING!

No one sleeps through our training!

Meet Chef Maria

Connoisseur of Decadence

Maria Kemp is an award-winning French-trained Pastry Chef specializing in DEI&B (diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging) training, team building, speaking engagements, and continuing education.

Professionally trained at the prestigious French Pastry School in Chicago, Illinois, Chef Maria is an extreme extrovert who champions diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in business. She’s been a breakout session speaker at BMW, featured on the NBC TODAY Show, live TV baking demos, magazine covers, radio segments, podcasts, and small business seminars.


We infuse DEI training with a dessert tasting for companies who seek to offer a unique, non-conventional, and interactive learning experience. We harness the power of food as a unifying language to create equitable spaces for foundational-level DEI&B work to increase employee engagement, understanding, and retention. We also leverage the universal language of food to foster inclusivity for speaking engagements and team building activities.  

Our Mission Statement

To use the creativity and fun of dessert baking and tasting as a unifying language to bridge meaningful conversation, connection, and belonging. At Beyond Decadence, everyone at our table belongs.

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