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American Tire Distributors (ATD)

Lara Sanchez - Strategic Sourcing Manager

Chef Maria was prepared and gave us a great experience.

American Tire Distributors (ATD)

James Hamlin -  Supplier Diversity & Performance Leader

A fun team building experience that we can all learn from.

American Tire Distributors (ATD)

Trish Messerschmitt - Strategic Sourcing Manager

Loved the day and enjoyed your energy.

American Tire Distributors (ATD)

Michael Koontz - VP Strategic Sourcing

Great stories, lots of laughter and a great desert. All (expectations) met! 

Post our event ATD has provided an executive development scholarship through our Supplier Diversity program to Chef Maria to support her and her business in continuing to prosper for many years ahead. 

AmeriHealth Caritas

I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to you (both) for delivering such an entertaining, lively, and informational event today! Our associates were truly engaged and excited to learn more – and even if it’s only for an hour, I’m glad our hard working associates had an opportunity to take a break from their routine to share the hour with you (both). We are grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with you Chef Maria!

Carolina Small Business Development Fund (CSBDF)

Kevin S. Dick - President & CEO

Carolina Small Business Development Fund had the pleasure and honor of producing Black Entrepreneurship Week in February 2021.  We were privileged to have Chef Maria on a panel entitled "Microentreprises Making a Difference".

Chef Maria was an outstanding speaker and based upon the audience feedback, the panel discussion really inspired attendees, especially women entrepreneurs.  We would gladly invite her back to participate in future CSBDF events!

Cleveland Community College

Stephen Padgett - Director, Small Business Center

What an awesome presentation! You provided us with useful information when counseling clients about eCommerce. You were very thorough and explained your experiences in understandable terms. The chair of our planning committee told me yours was the best presentation of the conference. And I agree!


Madeline Armstrong - Culture & Program Lead

She answered everyone's questions so thoughtfully and was really fun about it!  I thought it would be just as it was - fun, engaging and silly!

Johnson & Wales University

Professor Spencer Disher - School of Business

As we strive to bring diverse educational experiences to our students, having Chef Kemp as a guest speaker moves us from the theoretical and academic side of entrepreneurship to the real-world challenges faced by those in the food and beverage industry. She does so through her compelling and engaging storytelling way
Kristina Leibring
You gave just enough information that was easily understood without being overwhelming.  My expectations were to just make a recipe. The level of extra detail was perfect and informative. The experience far surpassed my expectations.  Really enjoyed it! Great job! It is wonderful to work with you. I look forward to working with you again.
National Fuel Gas Co.
I’ve never been to a Zoom class and it was a lot of fun. Chef Maria ran a good class with all her tips to explanations!
National Fuel Gas Co.

Chef Maria was very pleasant and organized!  You don’t really lose the feeling of being in a classroom together, even though we were all at home.

National Fuel Gas Co. 

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate in such a fun activity!!!  What a great way to end a workday!!

T3 Diversity Solutions

Tiffany Gillespie - CEO


The virtual baking experience with Chef Maria was amazing. I planned this activity as a part of my birthday trip with my friends to a cabin in the mountain. We laughed so much, collaborated, learned, and produced really delicious desserts. Chef Maria was VERY responsive and helpful during the planning process. She was so patient during the actual experience and very knowledgeable. People are still talking about the experience! I high recommend for a date night, team bonding, or any type of bonding time.