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Beyond Decadence has been recognized for excellence over the years. Explore our certifications, awards, and videos below to discover what makes us exceptional!



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2021 CVMSDC Class I Supplier of the Year award Carolina-Virginia Minority Supplier Development Council (CVMSDC)
2021 Rising Star award  Video 3:02 - City of Charlotte - Crowns of Enterprise award - May 2021
Amtrak Story Commuting to the French Pastry School
BeyGOOD Invite-only Black Parade Route Small Business Impact Luncheon invitee.  (BeyGOOD Foundation is Beyonce's non-profit.)
Capability Statement Past performance, core competencies, differentiators, etc.
Family Support Video 0:52
Meet Chef Maria Video 2:10
Professional Bio Updated April 2024
The Intentional Pastry Chef CVMSDC 44th Annual BOC
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Learn 31 days of tips and tricks from Chef Maria!  Click the link to access the tips on our Facebook page. 

Pro-Tip #31 07/18/21 Immersion blender
Pro-Tip #30 07/17/21 Cake lifter
Pro-Tip #29 07/16/21 Clean egg whites
Pro-Tip #28 07/15/21 Toasting coconut - no oven required
Pro-Tip #27 07/14/21 Skin on
Pro-Tip #26 07/13/21 Deciphering (cookie) scooper sizes
Pro-Tip #25 07/12/21 Wire rack in the refrigerator
Pro-Tip #24
07/11/21 Produce bag and mat
Pro-Tip #23
07/10/21 Making Oreo crumbs (crusts)
Pro-Tip #22
07/09/21 Making Graham cracker crumbs (crusts)
Pro-Tip #21
07/08/21 Frost-free freezer fail
Pro-Tip #20
07/07/21 Yoga sticky mats
Pro-Tip #19
07/06/21 Whipped cream in half the time
Pro-Tip #18
07/05/21 You don't need a piping bag coupler
Pro-Tip #17 07/04/21 Homemade buttermilk
Pro-Tip #16
07/03/21 Juicing trick
Pro-Tip #15
07/02/21 Exploding butter
Pro-Tip #14
07/01/21 Fresh zest
Pro-Tip #13
06/30/21 Egg sizes
Pro-Tip #12
06/29/21 Vanilla extract
Pro-Tip #11
06/28/21 Salted vs. unsalted butter
Pro-Tip #10
06/27/21 Butter, nuts, nut flours, flour
Pro-Tip #9
06/26/21 Microplaner
Pro-Tip #8
06/25/21 Zested fruit
Pro-Tip #7
06/24/21 Egg cartons
Pro-Tip #6
06/23/21 Sink garbage
Pro-Tip #5
06/22/21 Tart tamper
Pro-Tip #4
06/21/21 Creative cutters
Pro-Tip #3
06/20/21 Droopy berries
Pro-Tip #2
06/19/21 Butter wrappers
Pro-Tip #1
06/18/21 Bringing to room temperature