DEI & Team Building Activities

We have an innovative, unique, engaging, high-energy, and decadent approach to catapult your DEI training efforts!  We create an unbreakable connection between DEI and one of the most powerful items on the planet -- baking!

Our services are as follows:

DEI Baking Demonstration
The following three (3) clients optied to tell their stories through the creation of a highly-customized video project to achieve their objectives.  Most video projects take months to plan, storyboard, script, obtain approvals, and capture all details. A video shoot is completed in one (1) day lasting 4-6 hours.  Typical clients specified video lengths range from 6 minutes to 37 minutes.

AmeriHealth Caritas
We combined the creation of a dessert (Bourbon Sweet Potato Pie with Marshmallow Meringue) with deep meaning to the African-American culture to their internal Juneteenth celebration.  To tell the story, the client requested we connect every ingredient, tool, food sources, etc. available today to what would or would not have been available during slavery times.


Flagstar Bank
The client's theme last year for their Diversity Symposium was "empathy."  We created a concept depicting how dessert is used to express empathy in several common life occurrences.

Currently in progress.  The message of Supplier Diversity is being intertwined with the creation of a dessert in an interactive e-learning video project.   The project is schedule to complete in June 2023. 

DEI Baking Experience

  • Baking real-time, live, Chef-led, interactive hands-on experience.  Can be held virtually or on-site at the client's location.  Similar to a Food Network competition filled with numerous DEI "twists" to bring a practical application to the topic.
Private Virtual or On-Site Baking Experience
  • Same as above except strictly for fun or a team building activity.  No DEI component.

    At the conclusion of the experience, participants will be able to appreciate:

    • Improved communications as bonds between coworkers are strengthened
    • Decreased stress levels
    • Boosted morale
    • Increased team productivity 
    • Sharpened problem-solving skills
    • Heightened understanding of when diversity, equity and inclusion are present or absent

    Please submit our Engagement Interest Form or Schedule a discovery call via Zoom to initiate the process.



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