Yes, I'd like to order a birthday....

Yes, I'd like to order a birthday....

Almost everyday I get a call from someone who wants to order a birthday cake.  I always ask a few standard questions to see if they are looking for something in my wheelhouse or not.  Those who know me have heard one of my favorite lines, "If you want a cake shaped like a duck or with rockets shooting out of the top, I'm not the pastry chef for you."  Why?  I simply don't have a passion for sculpted cakes, fondant work, or any cake requiring anywhere close to 2 hours to complete.  So I don't do them -- problem solved.    

Most callers assume every bakery makes every imaginable cake or dessert.  (Of course there are some that do or at least try to.)  But the reality is -- everyone has their speciality.  If you are in the market for a new Honda SUV, are you going to go to the Maserati dealership and expect them to carry a Honda CR-V?  They both sell cars, but specialize in a specific product line/offering.

Two of the segments I enjoyed the least in pastry school were bread making and wedding cakes.  Now don't get me wrong, I have a deep admiration for the talented cake artists and dough whisperers that can make either media bend to their touch.  However, I am neither of  those artists.  One of the lessons I took away from pastry school besides a certificate and a lighter wallet was a realization that it was OK to not master every concept our education instilled.  I discovered my passion is set on fire when I create new flavor combinations/profiles or unique ways to present familiar desserts,  bite-size desserts or desserts that can endure shipping.  

We each have our strengths and unique skills that we continue to fine-tune each time we step into the kitchen.  The thought of being elbow deep in massive layers of cake, 5 different colors of fondant, and stressing over figurines is enough to make me check my wine stock.

I hope you enjoy the Mother's Day menu!   Everything will ship on Monday, 5/3 or enjoy free pickup at Pita Pit on Saturday, 5/8.

Quack quack, quack..


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