Baking hiatus is over!  Welcome to fall, pie, pumpkin, and cozy sweaters!

Baking hiatus is over! Welcome to fall, pie, pumpkin, and cozy sweaters!

The month has elapsed and my baking hiatus has come to an end!  You may have envisioned me with my feet kicked up, watching endless Netflix movies, and eating desserts from my secret stash all day.  Ha ha ha!  Nothing could be further from reality!  

During my hiatus, I was a Zoom queen!  I'm still attending the 6 hour per week program through the University of Richmond, met with numerous potential corporate clients, CVMSDC meetings, formed relationships with new colleagues, created menus for the 2 biggest holidays of the year, overhauled the private virtual or on-site baking experiences, exploring another opportunity to provide desserts to a local establishment, and I accepted invitations to teach a few in-person baking classes at a local Charlotte studio and a virtual series for a community college.  Whew!  I’m tired just recalling it all!  

Nothing like writing class content for 3 different classes AND another Nielsen-Massey feature recipe AND holiday planning all at the same time!  I was also approached to be a speaker at another event, but they opted for someone that sells on Amazon instead.  Oh well, it was still an honor to be asked.  I'm almost ready to put the private virtual & on-site baking experiences back on my website. They are perfect for corporations, private groups or Girls Night Out (GNO) since an experience has an 8 person minimum.  Last but not least, I just submitted my next monthly article for LKN Connect.  

Heads up -- the website is purely focused on Thanksgiving right now.  I added some new pie flavors this year which I hope you'll find exciting!  I moved Thanksgiving and Christmas order pickups to 11/23 and 12/23; instead of the eve of each holiday. PLEASE READ the Shipping/Delivery/Pickup page for all the order cut-off, shipping, and pickup dates.  It would be too confusing to open up the Holiday/Christmas ordering now, so I'll find a home for that menu on the website very soon.

I encourage you to place your Thanksgiving order sooner than later.  Quantities and raw ingredients are not unlimited.  Forecasts are already warning of rising shipping costs and shipping chaos.  My website automatically calculates the real-time discounted UPS rate based on the weight, destination and size of the package.  The desserts weights are inflated to cover the weight the ice packs, insulation, and the dessert(s). 

I don't get too many orders shipping West of the Mississippi, but I still disabled those states on the website.  If you contact me, I can manually override it.  However, you will need to upgrade shipping (options with a guaranteed delivery date) to ensure food safety of temperature controlled desserts.  Why?  Because unfortunately, UPS Ground service delivery dates are estimates and are NOT guaranteed.  I learned that the hard way when a order going to Texas took 6 days instead of 3.😩🤦🏾‍♀️

Happy fall y'all!


Maria Kemp

Wonderful post, Maria. I really don’t know how one person does it all, but if there ever was someone that had the want, it was you. Good luck with everything!

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