Baking experiences for kids & adults + Thanksgiving is 11/25....

Baking experiences for kids & adults + Thanksgiving is 11/25....

As usual my mind is a steady flurry of tasks, ideas, recipes, and things that need to make their way onto my to-do list.  After spending the last 1 hr 45 minutes watching a Jason Statham movie which was oddly disappointing, my thoughts turned to my blog.  

As I was mapping out a series of baking experiences, I had an epiphany.  Why not create a series of private virtual & on-site baking experiences for kids!  I need to separate kids and adult offerings, but this idea hit me like a lightening bolt and it'll be online in the next few days.  There are plenty of available options for adults or kids that prefer to go to a facility to take a class.  However, my offerings will focus primarily on those desiring to learn remotely via Zoom.  (I'll also offer private and an in-home option.  Of course any in-home/in-person will be subject to strict COVID restrictions.)  But for those not ready to attend in-person classes, this will be perfect for you! 

Let me take you down a little trip down memory lane about my teaching background...

Long before I started offering virtual classes here in North Carolina, I had a completely different life pre-pastry school, pre-brick & mortar bakery, and pre-IT Consultant that included teaching part-time.  I taught baking classes at a local community college in IL, private in-home classes, classes at a health center affiliated with a local hospital, a local store that conducted cooking/baking classes, and taught a variety of software applications and operating systems years ago.  I've done public speaking in auditoriums filled with 100-200 people with ease and laughter and given presentations in front of multi-million dollar industry giants.  As an extreme extrovert, I know how to "dial it down" when needed, but also rise to the occasion to present with poise, confidence, and land a $10,000 donation from a billionaire, a $5,000 scholarship for a multi-million dollar company, win pitch competitions, podcast guest, TV guest chef, and a panelist/speaker. 

I'm a firm believer that all my seemingly unrelated experiences are all part of the intricate fabric of my life's story God is still handcrafting.  Each experience builds upon another and equips me to be sufficiently prepared for the next adventure or is bringing me full circle -- the jury is still out.  I'm so excited to launch the new baking experiences!  I hope you will leave a comment or email with ideas of topics/concepts your kids would like to learn.  The adult offerings will focus on recipes to help you dazzle your holiday guests or create gifts recipients will actually love.     

BTW, just in case you are confused --Thanksgiving is the same date on the calendar every year.  So embrace it, start planning and order now.  I do NOT deviate from the order deadlines as it causes chaos, jeopardizes my production schedule and delivery dates. 

I couldn't resist the graphic, but I NEVER EVER use the fake whipped cream from a can!  Geez Louise, please Google a recipe and make it from scratch!  It takes 2-3 ingredients and under 5 minutes. 


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