Final kids, a delicious Zoom meeting!

Final kids, a delicious Zoom meeting!

Oh how I love my to-do lists!  They keep me organized, thinking logically, and on track.  The regular Thanksgiving menu has been done and online since October 1, so I can check that off my list.  The holiday/Christmas menu has been visible since then as well, but I won't move it to the online store for a few more weeks.

Next I'm circling back with my new corporate clients to finalize orders.  However, I must have sensed some gaps in my calendar since I decided to add a baking experience series specifically for kids!  In my head I thought, "piece of cake!"  Then I realized the series of holiday baking experiences need to be created in unison -- intro, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and holiday/Christmas.  The research is done, so reworking, recipe testing, and continuing development of 3 other courses for different organizations charges forward.  

My network of friends were invaluable providing feedback on the kids series.  My own daughter is almost 35, so I don't claim to be current on all the things to consider pertaining to parents of young children.  After 45 minutes on the phone with Shopify  I finally figured out the least confusing way to offering a price break for siblings in the same house.  

This week will be brimming with excitement to see how it all goes!  I have the Halloween series almost ready to put online, but I will wait to gather feedback from the parents of the first wave of experiences.  The days and times all got 2 thumbs up from the parents, so I'm hopeful no major changes will be needed. 

Gather your friends to join your experience!  Each one has a minimum of 5 students and a maximum of 15.   Please contact me for private groups, 1-on-1, in-home, or for week day baking experiences.  

This blog is publishing ahead of the experiences in the online store, so the hyperlinks in the PDF will not work until the experiences are published later today.   

Private Virtual & On-Site Baking Experiences for Kids | Beyond Decadence

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