Procastibaking:  When you have a laundry list of other tasks you are supposed to be doing instead, but SQUIRREL...BAM!  There you are in the kitchen happily buried in butter, sugar, lemon and lime zest. 

To say this week has been one for the record books, feels like another understatement of the century.  I don't take credit for any of my strength myself.  I always see it as God giving me the strength to get through what I need at any given moment.  My presentation this week in Hickory was one of those moments.

I was enjoying the drive during another picturesque North Carolina morning. I watched the sun dance with daybreak’s dewy mist as I was listened to my favorite Smokie Norful CD (Christian artist and also a pastor).  I wasn't torturing my own ears by singing along, but the music was soothing my soul and settling my spirit.  It was still relaxing although, I'm one of those odd birds who actually ENJOYS public speaking and knew my squad was praying for my trip and presentation!  So I was not nervous or anxious about taking the stage at all.  Siri was periodically chirping the directions as I navigated the back roads of Route # "out in the middle of nowhere".  Then a phone call broke through the music and chirp of Siri.  It was my Dad.  He was in a panic about something that in reality didn't amount to a hill of beans.  Normally, the call would have shaken me, but God prepared me in advance.  Instead, I calmly reassured him and resumed listening to my music and Siri.  I also made a mental note to put my phone in airplane mode before I went on stage.  

My 20 slide presentation on eCommerce for Small Business went better than I could have scripted myself.  60 seasoned professional acclaimed it was the best marketing presentation they'd ever heard AND the best presentation of the entire 2 day conference!  Wow, thank you God!  As a result, I have new business opportunities to collaborate, teach, and speaking engagements being presented to me! 

Actually, I've moved from procastibaking directly to going for a walk in Jetton park, petting cute puppies, swinging on the bench, helping a mom get her toddler’s attention during a phot shoot, to visiting with a dear friend as we absorbed the beauty of the day and watched people fish on Lake Norman.  Now I'm onto procastiblogging, as I am supposed to be working on 2 different proposals and another presentation right now. I wonder what’s next on my procastixxxxxx list?!  

One thing I've learned over this journey with my Dad is this -- God has DEFINITELY opened some sizable and unbelievable doors in my business lately!  However, they have occurred simultaneously as I manage various aspects of his care, calmly reassure him or answer his 5-10 emails a day.  His challenges haven't eased up one iotia and being an advocate from 5 states away has it's own frustrations/limitations.  So what do I do to stay "balanced"?  I use the DND (Do Not Disturb) feature on my phone, reconnect with friends/family who are dear to me, procastibake Lemon Lime Pound cake for my daughter's boyfriend's birthday, take time out to sit on a bench by the water, be transparent with my challenges, go to the gym, try to eat more healthy foods then chocolate, drink more water than yummy Moscato, rest when I’m running out of steam, pray a lot, and ask for forgiveness and grace when I get it all wrong. 

If you follow me on LinkedIn, you'll see I was just featured by Carolina Small Business Development Fund (CSBDF) "Women's History In the Making" series. Wow, just wow!  Stay tuned for what's next, whatever that may be!  Despite my best-laid plans, I surely don't even know what God has in store for me next!






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