Your feedback REALLY matters to us!

Your feedback REALLY matters to us!

It's a quiet Memorial Day afternoon and I've managed to power through my to-do list at a pace that oddly enough feels relaxing.  Although, last night I did spend time relaxing with friends and over-indulgencing in a devine barbecued pork tenderloin and chicken breast.  My friends were excited over the brownies and cake I brought, while I was laser-focused and drooling over the BBQ!

Every month I meet with an amazing team of business mentors through a program called Innovate Charlotte who challenge me, hold me accountable for my goals, or help me fine-tune areas when I feel like the proverbial gerbil on the wheel.  This last month one of our pre-dawn meeting topics centered around customer feedback and finding out what desserts customers would like to see on the menu.  It's way too easy for me to tighten my creative apron and set the kitchen ablaze with unbridled creativity.  However, it's a colossal waste of time, energy, and ingredients if it's not what my customers want to purchase.  I really try to keep surveys to a bare minimum, because let's face it we get one with almost everything we purchase.   But the reality is -- if I don't ask, I'll never know for certain. 

On another note, I just completed editing all the product descriptions on the website so all the ordering details are MUCH clearer.  That should  clear up A LOT of confusion as I continue to add new desserts to the line-up. 

So the big $100,000 question is -- what desserts would you like to see on our summer menu?  Your response is as simple was posting a comment to this blog or email me at .

Thank you in advance for sharing your feedback with me!

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