Mastering the Details - Learn "how to" video baking series

Mastering the Details - Learn "how to" video baking series

I believe I originally started doing Facebook Live instructional videos at the beginning of the pandemic.  They were an awesome way to give back, stay connected with my fans, and entertain those in need of a friendly face NOT currently sheltering in place with them.  Then the Facebook Lives grew into a Sunday afternoon "Bake Along with Chef Maria" event/series.  All the while, I developed private baking classes teaching a variety of topics to individuals of various skill levels and ages.  It was a lot of morphing (aka "pivoting"), but it kept Beyond Decadence buzzing along.

After I started doing the neighborhood pop-up events, shipping nationwide, the lives and classes dwindled.  Since eliminating pop-up events and focusing purely on online sales, I still felt like something was missing.  I'm that weirdo that LOVES public speaking and teaching regardless of what media it comes in.  I've done Toastmasters and know the value of planning your speech, but I get a thrill out of trusting God to give me the exact words to vocalize from the dictionary swirling around in my head while the video is recording.  And yes, I'm a former IT geek, but I don't have time to master editing video, so what you see is exactly how it came out.

Here's the crux of my video strategy -- if you aren't content with the 10,000 feet view/explanation behind the science of baking then my videos are for you!  I'll SHOW you the reason behind the techniques without making you yawn AND in 3 to 6 minutes. 

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Here's the first video in the series "How to measure flour

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Maria Kemp

Hi Maria! Love your series so far. I had no idea about the flour measuring difference. Now I do!! Thanks!!

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