Is it really a Happy Mother's Day for you?

Is it really a Happy Mother's Day for you?

Mother's Day is one of those dates appearing on the calendar each year that triggers a lot of deep meaningful thoughts for me and I think many others as well. 

My own mom graduated to be with Jesus in December 2016 after a severe stroke in 2010 altered the remaining 6.5 years of her life.  I remember her always quoting a line from my grandmother, "Give me my flowers while I'm alive so I can enjoy them!"  Prior to her stroke, I gave her proverbial flowers...sometimes.  Other times, I could only manage to come bearing the dirt they grew in.  It wasn't until her stroke that I swore off dirt and focused solely on the fragrant bouquet in various forms.

So today, I find myself pondering...

I wonder how many of us are seizing the opportunity to give those we love their flowers while they can still enjoy them. 

Today I also think of those longing to be a mom, but were never blessed with a child, or those suffering strained relationships with their children, or those children that were taken way too soon, or those wishing for one more moment with their moms.  If you found yourself in any of those scenarios, I hope your heart found some peace, joy and love today despite the date on the calendar.  If none of those scenarios fit, I hope you will squeeze your mom or children a little tighter and definitely a little longer today.

As for dessert-related news, I'm continuing to tweak the ordering process to reduce the wait time between ordering and receiving your order.  You would think it would be easy, but it is a lot of moving pieces to think through.  I'm also adding another free pickup day at Pita Pit. 

Moms rock and much love to my own adult daughter - Devin.💜


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