Pop popping popped!

Pop popping popped!

Someone asked me one time "Do you just bake all day?!" and I smiled and chuckled "Ah, no!"  I typically get the baking done on the planned day, but  inevitability the best laid plans for everything else outside of the kitchen often take a less than or humorous detour.  Like the morning my router got fried by the 4am lightening storm and I had to use my iPhone as a hotspot to attend 2 different Zoom meetings or get anything done online.    

But somewhere in the midst of pre-Easter mayhem over 250 new pans arrived in a 16 lb box and the 250 lids were MIA!  Only 4 phone calls and 2 chat sessions later still didn't reveal the mystery of where the box of lids where delivered merely 2 hours earlier or driving to Kannapolis because the Cornelius store 5 minutes away was out of stock to get the same backdrop Blackdog Advertising used in the photos.....

Whatever it was, I had a moment of clarity!  Even before being 14 weeks post knee surgery, my days of schlepping a 10x10 Coleman tent, table, decorations, presentation ware, coolers, desserts, power cords, wagon, chair, fans or heaters, etc. etc. to do pop-ups are over.  Now don't get me wrong, pop-ups were a fantastic entrance to the Lake Norman/Charlotte market and brought awareness to Beyond Decadence in monumental ways.  Now 4 years later, my body decided pre-knee surgery it was time to sell the tent and morph aka "pivot".  (I still have 4- 35 lb PVC hanging tent weights if anyone is in the market.)  So bit-by-bit I'm removing the words "pop-up" from all my social media, marketing materials and replacing it with "online bakery".  That doesn't mean I'll never, ever, ever do another pop-up event, but they will not be the main focus of my business.  Online bakery is much clearer for how I conduct business anyway.

My brain has been working overtime trying to figure out how to decrease the lead/wait time for customers to receive their orders AND offer cheesecakes for shipping.  Wow! 2 moments of clarity a week apart!  Starting April 18, each Sunday, I will bake a pre-set amount of items from the weekly menu.  This will allow me to ship them out as early as Monday!  This approach will be a faster turn around time for customers.  The downside ~ you'll have to order quick since I'll be setting the amount to bake BEFORE the orders actually come in.  The upside ~ customers opting for local pickup or delivery can have their desserts as early as Monday or shipped desserts should arrive by Wednesday! 

I've also nixed the cupcake size cheesecakes and I'm now offering a much larger size cheesecake, so be sure to check that out this week!  

Mother's Day is coming!  I'm busy working on some new desserts/flavors to make all the mothers swoon and will have the menu out in plenty of time to plan!  I'll try to have a balance between ones that can be shipped vs. delivered or picked up at Pita Pit.  

Plan ahead...don't forget mom!

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