Thoughts from the edge of a food coma

Thoughts from the edge of a food coma

Happy Easter!  He is risen!  What a glorious day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!

I took the day completely off (until now) and celebrated with copious amounts of food with a lifelong friend in Sherrills Ford.  We watched the kids Easter egg hunt, play water balloons, and play several competitive rounds of cornhole.  I'm a "professional" spectator and took it all in from a chair half in the shade/sun with some liquid refreshments.  I took a pan of Lemon Bars and a test batch of a new brownie flavor!  Double Chocolate Brownies infused with Bailey's Strawberries & Cream Liquor and Strawberry Buttercream infused with the same and freeze-dried strawberries.  They scored well, so they'll make the menu soon after I make a few minor adjustments.  

But for now, I will quietly nurse the tail end of my food coma, enjoy some mindless Sunday evening TV,  enjoy the evening breeze and share this week's thoughts with you.  

As you can see from the newest picture of the Strawberry Shortcake Trifles, I made some adjustments from the original picture last week!  I love the way they came out and will leave them on the menu for another week and experiment with different fruits to compliment the strawberries soon.  Next, a new back drop will replace the granite countertop in the next batch of photos.  (Boy am I missing the gorgeous photos Blackdog Advertising took of my desserts!) 

The trifles consist of 3 separate recipes, so they are not quick to assemble and take a lot more strawberries than you might think.  (However, the 8 oz Mason jar is darling and yours to keep!)  The juice from the strawberries will make the cake soggy, so I strongly recommend enjoying these the same day they are picked up or delivered.  (Unless you want a DIY kit to assemble at your leisure.)

Now, you'll place your order by Wednesday and enjoy free order pickup at Pita Pit in Cornelius on Saturdays after 12pm up to 9pm!  Pita Pit will store your order in their refrigerator.  Just step up to the counter and ask for your order by name and they'll retrieve it for you.  (BTW, their food is AWESOME!).  Delivery is also available.

So when something doesn't work as I envisioned, I survey customers who will be blatantly honest with me.  As I suspected the cost to ship the mini cheesecakes was an issue.  Unfortunately, there aren't too many options to keep them cold for 2 days during shipping, so I'll rethink the cheesecakes and spin a few ideas in the near future.  But for now, I've removed them from the menu.  Once we are much bigger, we'll be able to pass along Amazon-like savings to you, but we are not there yet.  Sometimes the shipping supplies/packaging I order work like a dream and other times, not so much and it gets tossed into the supply room kind of like a treadmill that now doubles as a clothes hanger.  

Also, the virtual baking classes are hot right now for corporate teambuilding as I have a few scheduled! 

Enjoy the end of your Easter Sunday!  I'd love to hear from you!

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